Our Tipis

Our tipis are Nordic from the Tentipi® Adventure range, renown for their stability, durability and versatility. Tentipi®’s design is taken from the nomadic Sami people of northern Sweden whose home was a simple conical design with an opening at the top to let out smoke. This style of tipi tent was known as a kåta, a warm home that stood up to the strong winds, inclement weather and provided warmth and shelter by use of metal poles covered in animal skins and a central fire.

Tentipi® embraced this design and created modern day versions of the tent using the latest fabrics and techniques. We have further enhanced the comfort by installing raised wooden floors, and equipping each one with a Tentipi® Eldfell log burning stove and sheep skins on the floor to keep you warm and to take you back to the Sami heritage. For us simplicity is key: shelter, warmth and comfort.

The diameter of the tipi is approximately 5 metres and the central metal pole height is around 3.1 metres so plenty of headroom to get up dressed and ready for the fells in the morning. It can sleep 3 adults comfortably and there is floorspace for one double mattress and 2 singles (for those in a family of four). We have tried and tested these tents and love them: one of our founders even lived in one for 2 years!